Book Ish: The Canon Continues

#013: “Ditching Imposter Syndrome” by Clare Josa

August 11, 2020

Michelle explores Ditching Imposter Syndrome: How To Finally Feel Good Enough And Become The Leader You Were Born To Be by Clare Josa. She explores self-limiting beliefs, the "internal editor", gratitude, and more.

From the back cover: "Leading is hard enough without lying awake at 3 a.m. worrying that ‘they’ might find out you’re not good enough. Or that you don’t know as much as you should. Or that they might suss you’re a fraud, you don’t belong and got to where you are by accident or luck. There’s a name for this: Imposter Syndrome - and it’s time to ditch it! In this ground-breaking book, Clare Josa guides you through the revolutionary five-step strategy she has created over the past fifteen years of mentoring women in leadership roles, so that you can set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, for good. In Ditching Imposter Syndrome you’ll discover why mindset-based, cognitive approaches haven’t worked for you in the past and exactly how Imposter Syndrome affects your performance and causes so much stress - and worse. Clare's inspirational, practical exercises bring you the best from the worlds of practical psychology, NLP, Leadership Development, the neuroscience of performance, and demystified ancient wisdom. This is blended into simple steps that mean you can spot and release Imposter Syndrome's deeply subconscious drivers, in a way that’s fast, fun and forever. If you’re hungry to move from the fear of being found out as a ‘fraud leader’ to becoming the ‘thought leader’ the world needs you to be, the practical strategies in Ditching Imposter Syndrome will help you to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months."

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